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Tina Riley was licensed by the State Bar of Texas in 1991.  After her internship with Gulf Coast Legal Foundation, she became a staff attorney at West Texas Legal Services.  She was the liaison for the local women's shelters and represented her clients in various family matters, most of which involved domestic abuse.  In 1993, she moved to Houston.  After the firm moved to Montgomery County, it became known as Spradlin Riley & Spradlin.  Tina is a member and volunteer at The Woodlands United Methodist Church and is the Advancement Chairperson for a local boy scout troop.

James Spradlin began his practice of law in 1966, and continued his career until he lost his battle with cancer on June 6, 2015. 

When you experience an injury,  everything can change – we know that at Spradlin Riley & Spradlin. We also understand that family matters can be life altering as well.  With our compassionate attorneys, you can focus on recovering, instead of finding yourself overwhelmed and worried about your court case.

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David Spradlin was licensed to practice law in 1992, and began his law career working with his father, James R. Spradlin, at Spradlin Rose & Mulloy in Houston, Texas.  Having an interest in civil law and a notable trial attorney as his mentor, David followed his father's footsteps in becoming a successful and aggressive attorney, aiding numerous clients throughout Texas with their various legal needs.  He practices civil law with a passion for injury cases.